Platinum Plating

Prodigy Surface Tech is a leader in platinum plating technology for electrochemical and catalytic applications.  Our proprietary process is optimized for superior adhesion over titanium while also applicable for many other substrates.

Platinum is in the “platinum” group of noble or precious metals.  It is conductive, catalytic, chemically stable and highly resistant to oxidation and corrosion.  It has a silver-grey color and can be polished to a variety of finishes.  Platinum and its alloys can be used for electrodes, surgical tools, laboratory utensils, electrical contacts and electrical resistance wires.

We specialize in platinum plated electrodes found in electrochemical equipment ranging from large scale electroplating applications to extremely critical semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Our Platinum customers represent very specialized markets.

Semi-Conductor Equipment manufacturers use Prodigy Surface Tech for platinum plating on titanium used for interconnect gap fill in silicon wafer manufacturing tools.  We use thermal treatment as part of the process to yield superior adhesion and durability.  We can vary the thickness of the deposit to optimize price or longevity.  We also plate platinum on stainless steel for E-Beam inspection tools which have been recognized and favored by the top twenty semiconductor and IC memory manufacturers in terms of resolution and reliability.

Catalytic Device manufacturers use Prodigy Surface Tech for platinum plating on titanium or platinum plating on stainless steel.  These devices are used to facilitate a variety of gaseous or liquid reactions where platinum is the ideal catalyst.  One customer uses platinum plated electrodes and molten sodium to significantly reduce the levels of sulfur, metals, acid and asphaltenes in heavy oil feedstocks.

Our certification for chemical processing and AS9100 registration ensure tight quality controls.  All measurement equipment from the most critical down to handheld timers are calibrated to NIST standards.  Our technicians document all processes in great detail.  Quoting and production planning involve extensive engineering input and review.  AS9100 auditors perform frequent in-house audits to verify compliance with all applicable specifications and procedures.