Platinum Plating of Titanium for the Semiconductor Industry

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Prodigy Surface Tech is one of only a few companies providing platinum plating over titanium substrates commonly used in the semiconductor equipment industry. A primary platinum plating over titanium application is components used for copper plating wafer tools. Prodigy Surface Tech platinum plates a variety of components for this application some up to 24” in length or 18” in diameter. Occasionally, special tooling is used for even larger sizes.

At incoming inspection, wafer tool components are inspected to ensure the absence of porosity, burrs or welding flaws that could compromise plating quality.  Our plating and quality departments utilize modern controls to monitor the entire process while specialized annealing is used after plating to aid in adhesion.  Mechanical testing and X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy are used to verify conformance of the wafer tools to all applicable industry standards and customer specifications. Our comprehensive research and development lab can analyze components at the end of a production cycle in order to improve process and durability.  This allows us to maximize value for our customers.

As a ISO 9001: 2015 and AS9100 Rev D certified plating company, customers with the most demanding quality requirements rely on us for all of their premium quality plating needs. For additional information about this project or our ability to plate titanium substrates with platinum, please contact us directly.