Palladium Plating

Palladium is one of the six metals in the “platinum” group of noble or precious metals, all of which have excellent catalytic properties.  Palladium is conductive, chemically stable and highly resistant to oxidation and corrosion.  Palladium is an excellent diffusion barrier exceeding the standard nickel plate commonly used in brazing applications.  Prodigy Surface Tech provides an extremely pore-free palladium deposit that maximizes this property.  When a thin deposit of palladium is used between nickel and gold plating, the gold thickness can be decreased reducing cost but not adversely affecting quality.

Applicable Specifications:

MIL-P-45209: This specification covers electrodeposited palladium plating on metal surfaces.

ASTM B679: This specification covers requirements for electrodeposited palladium coatings containing at least 99.7 mass % of palladium metal. Composite coatings consisting of palladium with a thin gold overplate for applications involving electrical contacts are also covered.