Nickel and Gold Plating for the Military Industry

Project description: Prodigy

Prodigy Surface Tech has extensive experience working with customers in the defense industry providing premium quality plating services meeting all applicable standards. For the highlighted project, we provide nickel plating and gold plating of nickel-iron alloy components for a manufacturer wishing to outsource the plating process. The nickel underplate offers good adhesion to the substrate and provides a diffusion barrier for the gold plating. Gold plating delivers excellent corrosion resistance with unique bonding and brazing properties allowing high strength attachment of electronic devices.

While the customer had previously completed all plating in-house, they determined that focusing on their core competence while allowing a premium quality plating company to provide plating services made better economic sense. Our technicians mirrored their processes and were able to improve the yield and reliability of the finished product. Specialized tooling and engineered racking also aided in the success of this project. Because this project was for a customer in the military industry, we were required to provide ITAR registration as well as comply with all applicable Mil-Spec standards and customer specifications. Adhesion testing, X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy and standard microscopy were used to verify conformance of the plated parts with all outlined quality standards. Parts related to this project are typically processed in one to three days after arrival at our facility. For additional details about the custom nickel and gold plating project for the defense industry, please contact us directly.