Gold Plating

Prodigy Surface Tech can plate pure soft gold or nickel hardened gold to most surfaces. Soft gold is highly suitable for brazing, wire bonding and soldering.  Hard gold is best suited for electrical contacts or soldering.   Immersion and electroless gold are also available for special projects.

Gold is malleable, ductile, highly conductive and corrosion resistant.  It is heat reflective and radio opaque.  Gold’s unique properties are useful in nearly every technological field including electronics, aerospace, medical and military.

We service a wide range of customers from many industries.

Medical Device customers utilize Prodigy Surface Tech for gold plating on molybdenum, gold plating on stainless steel, gold plating on nitinol, gold plating on Kovar and gold plating on nickel.  Many of these devices are used for diagnostic procedures where radio opacity is important or are permanently implanted when used in pace makers or defibrillators.

Military and Aerospace customers utilize Prodigy Surface Tech for gold plating on nickel, gold plating on kovar, gold plating on nickel iron alloys, gold plating on tungsten copper, gold plating on Thermkon, gold plating on beryllium copper and gold plating on aluminum and aluminum housings.  These components are used in guidance systems, microwave communication devices and radar tracking and detection systems.

Being certified for NADCAP chemical processing and AS9100 registered ensures a high level of quality.  All aspects of gold plating production and quality control are subject to frequent extensive audits conducted by AS9100 and NADCAP auditors.  All gold plating procedures are documented with a high degree of detail allowing consistent results whether the job is run once or as an ongoing product.  New parts for gold plating undergo a multiple step engineering process during job entry.  All gold plating chemistry is analyzed frequently with adjustments being made on a daily basis.  All gold plating make-up and addition chemistry is stored in a controlled environment with strict inventory controls.  We have an onsite state of the art laboratory for control of all plating solutions using wet chemistry and instrumental analysis.

Applicable Specifications:

MIL-G-45204: This specification covers electrodeposited gold plating on metallic surfaces.

MIL-DTL-45204: This specification covers electrodeposited gold plating on metallic surfaces.

ASTM B488: This specification covers requirements for electrodeposited gold coatings that contain not less than 99.00 mass % gold and that are used for engineering applications.

AMS-2422: This specification covers the requirements for electrodeposited gold plate.