Copper Plating

Copper is an excellent thermal and electrical conductor. It is corrosion resistant, ductile, and antibacterial. It also alloys easily with other metals, often resulting in a stronger and more industrial material. Copper has a rich gold-amber color and can be applied as a bright or matte finish.  Copper is one of only four metals that have a color other than gray or silver in its pure form.

Copper is essential in many plating operations as a general strike to promote adhesion, activate passive substrates or improve corrosion resistance.  Copper plating is most often used in the electrical industry but is also common in medical and aerospace applications.  Prodigy Surface Tech’s main copper plating customer produces radioactive implant seeds used for the treatment of prostate cancer.

Prodigy Surface Tech offers bright hard or soft matte copper plating.  We have extensive experience with special formulations used to reduce inherent internal stresses found in the deposit.

Applicable Specifications:


AMS 2418